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Mendocino Info for your Website!

Add a full Mendocino tourism directory to your website!

Featuring high quality Mendocino content on your site is no longer an expensive undertaking involving writers and webmasters; has done the work for you. Now you can feature hand written articles about Mendocino's most popular activities and attractions right WITHIN your business's website!

Covering topics like historic places, events and entertainment, view points, romantic places, museums and gardens, lakes rivers and beaches, and parks and forests - each of the individually researched articles contains answers to frequently asked questions, maps, photos, and spam free links.

You can chat with me in real time about this service by clicking on the live help button to the right. I am usually online during west coast business hours; sometimes later.

Article Examples:

Montgomery Woods State Reserve
Mendocino County's MacKerricher State Park
Westport-Union Landing State Beach
Horseback Riding In Mendocino
Mendocino Whale Watching
Mendocino County Fishing
Mendocino Live Camera Image

They say "Content is King"; here is a short list of the benefits content can bring:

  • Keep your hard earned website traffic on your website.
  • Encourage "repeat visitors" to your website.
  • Build Mendocino as a destination.
  • More free visitors to your site from search engines.

Producing this content would take thousands of dollars in webmaster, research, and writing fees. Many innkeepers and tour operators spend upwards of two dollars in pay per click fees for just one click! 

What will the content look like on my website?

Here are some examples of the content integrated into customers websites; click on the links to view their websites.

The above examples are just one way to integrate the content; if you would like the actual pages to reside within your website (instead of just appearing to be ) this is no problem.

What are the steps involved ?

Step one: First I redevelop the content using your website look and feel.

Step two: I upload the content to the Internet for your approval .

Step three: the text hyperlink to the branded content is added to your website .

Can I add or subtract or edit the content within my site?

Yes ; the content management system supports browser based website editing . This enables you to make changes to your content such as adding images , pages , additional info of any kind , or deleting pages from any web browser.

Customer testimonial:

"Wes Edholm, of Pillar Marketing and, has been very pleasant to speak with and has spent untold hours collecting information, formatting a specialized webpage of local links that integrated right into our personal page, and researching exactly what it is that entices our guests to visit this beautiful expanse of the Pacific coast. Wes is continually eager to hear about new events, places to explore, and things to do that are associated with Fensalden Inn and the Mendocino area that will help to build into the best place to visit online for information regarding our area. Thank you, Wes, for all your hard work and efforts on our behalf!"

Molli Hamby, Office Manager, Fensalden Inn, Albion, CA

What costs are involved?

Annual rate for Mendocino content rental: $199.00 ( 54 cents per day )

Call Wes at 360 504 4208 for more info.

Please email us using this form to ask questions and get started.
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Stop losing business to your competitors; keep visitors on your website!


Perfect for:

-Real estate agents
-Tour companies
-Bed & Breakfasts

Visitors will return again and again to your site to learn more about Mendocino.

Setup is simple; just have your webmaster add a single link to your website.

We spend so much money on getting traffic to our site..... why send them away to the chamber?

Revenues earned from this service will be reinvested into the service; more photos and more content will be added to your site free!

Now all local businesses can showcase the Mendocino area within their own site.

Setup time is just one or two days. Email or call us now to get started.

Call Wes at:
360 504 4208

Email using the form on the left.



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